The nanotech fitness shirt that measures your vital signs while working out

Why is this shirt different?

Measure your vital signs and muscular activity using nanosensors. Without any attachments on the shirt or your body!
And when you're done working out, just throw it in the washing machine without having to worry about components getting wet.

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Who are we?

Luc Demarteau

Chief Executive Officer

Ejal Breeman

Chief Technical Officer

Team Splendo

Splendo's Technical Staff

Gregory Shuster

Chief Scientist

Sagi Gliksman

Chief Operational Officer

“Quantified Self is the Next Big Thing”
Technology will disrupt healthcare

What about the technology?


Electronic skin (eSkin) measures how you use your muscles and will give you hints on how to improve your muscle tone.

Think you can do better?

Splendo will provide an open-source SDK that allows programmers easy access to the raw measurements of the sensors on the shirt. It also includes routines that allow interpretation of the measurements.

The routines that interpret data from the DLS sensors may be proprietary at first, however we hope that this open source initiative will help us implement an open source alternative. The SDK allows other programmers to interface with our shirt.

Available for iOS and Android!
Open Firmware
Splendo's firmware is open-source and makers will be provided with the tools to upload their own firmware.

By unstitching the label at the back the MCU also exposes some GPIO / ADC pins. This allows makers to extend the functionality of the shirt if they wish to.

Obviously care should be taken when 'hacking' the shirt. No refunds!